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At Dr H S Sagoo – Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Consultants we offer high standard and professional noise and vibration surveys,  noise reduction solutions, vibration assessment and more to our customers in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

The Noise at Work Regulations apply to all workers and their employers in the UK. Every employer has to ensure that a competent person makes a noise assessment to identify which employees are exposed to noise levels beyond the First Action Level or higher. The noise assessment needs to be reviewed regularly.

The current exposure levels are being tightened under the EC Physical Agents (Noise) Directive, effective since 2005.

Moreover, the EU Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive, effective from July 2005, also sets fixed action to limit values on Hand-Arm and Whole-Body vibration in the workplace.

We can undertake such assessments, provide fully compliant reports and assist with positive and best practicable means to reduce exposure, e.g. selection of suitable ear protection and appropriate new machinery (re. Supply of Machinery (safety) Regulations 1994).

A survey of the existing noise and vibration conditions close to the area is essential:

  • To collect data on existing environmental conditions
  • A survey gives baseline conditions against which any future changes and impacts can be judged
  • Measurements may be used to validate the accuracy of the computer model
  • The background levels may be used to set noise control limits at selected locations during the construction and demolition works
  • Pre-existing levels are used in the consideration of planning applications for residential development as required in Planning Policy Guidance Note 24
  • And, of course, the Environmental Pollution Dept. of the Local Authority is always impressed with our proactive approach!
  • Full detailed reports summarising our findings are submitted even in tight timescales

Noise impact from construction and demolition can be predicted in accordance with the requirements in British Standards.

The WS Atkins Noise Map computer software suite is used to assess the potential impact. A computer model is made of the area adjacent to the site in question.  This would include details of all plant and the duration of the activity, the haul route with predicted vehicle movements, natural or purpose built noise barriers including temporary earthworks, ground topography and details of all nearby noise sensitive receivers.

Using the computer model, the benefits of the mitigation measures are rapidly assessed via changes in noise levels and then schemes can be ranked. Results can be presented graphically by coloured noise level contours.

The results of the assessment and their presentation are project specific and tailored to our client’s requirements after liaison with the client, the project management team and the Local Authority, etc.

If you live in Hampshire, and you need more information about our projects and services, contact us today on  02380 579 127 or 07720 529 702 and let us know how we can help.

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